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Rubber Lined Pipe

Acid Resistant Pipe Rubber Lined Pipe

Acid Resistant Pipe Rubber Lined Pipe

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 We are a premium form of corrosion protection for some of the most severe chemical and abrasive environments. Natural and butyl rubber linings withstand a variety of high-concentration acids and are the optimum choice for high heat and abrasive environments. Additionally, the elasticity of a rubber lining easily accommodates thermal expansion and contraction as well as vibration.


rubber lined steel gas pipe main features are as the follows:

1. The chemical properties are stable, and the characteristics of high heat-resistance and anticorrosion are also excellent;

2. The impact resistance is strong due to the outer protective layer of steel;

3. Pipes is connected with flange, and easy to installation



The Company’s product solutions enable its customers to address the challenges presented by demanding industrial applications, including:


  • Mining, transporting and processing abrasive particles of varying sizes,
  • Transporting and processing corrosive materials with varying chemical properties,
  • Transporting slurry via pipeline at extreme temperature differences (interior vs. exterior),
  • Managing equipment wear performance in light of high velocity transportation,
  • Reducing work injury from the installation and maintenance of equipment,
  • Maximizing the speed and effectiveness of all mining, transporting and processing functions,
  • Minimizing the impact and wear/tear on equipment placed in harsh environments,
  • Minimizing the replacement or servicing of wearable equipment and
  • Minimizing the use of costly and hard-to-find skilled labor.
acid resistant pipe rubber lined pipe

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