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UHMW-PE powder

UHMWPE Powder to Make UHMWPE Pipe

UHMWPE Powder to Make UHMWPE Pipe

Details introduced

UHMWPE Powder to Make UHMWPE Pipe

Brief Introduction of UHMWPE Powder:

UHMWPE is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with a viscosity-average molecular weigh greater than 1.5×106, and is made by polymerization of ethylene under the action of a catalyst. Its molecular weight has reached over 5 million, its five properties of abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance, self-lubrication, and absorption of impact energy are the best among the available plastics. It is called globally “marvelous plastics” UHMWPE, a new star of materials, will present a vigorous life and play an important part in many regions of the national economy.

The company cooperates with the New Technology office of the Shanghai Chemical industry Research institute, develops together the UHMWPE tubing materials (SLL-PG) and ultra wear-resisting tubing material (SLL-NG), the many domestic and foreign tubing processing enterprise satisfy to this company tubing materials whose special needed materials mach inability, the tubing processing and the quality are excellent extremely. The pipe diameter amounts to 80 centimeters at most greatly.

Characteristics of UHMWPE Powder:

1. Outstanding impact strength even at very low temperature.

2. Excellent sliding abrasion resistance, wear strength several times as large as steel.

3. Very low coefficient of friction.

4. Nonstick, self-lubrication properties.

5. Good chemical resistance.

6. Excellent anti-aging.

7. Hygienic and nontoxic

8. Lightweight.

9. Hydrophobic, energy absorption and sound-dampening properties.

10. Excellent dielectric and insulating properties.

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