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Corrugated sprial steel band

Corrugated sprial steel band pipe

Corrugated sprial steel band  pipe

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Place of Origin      Luoyang ,China Minimum Inner Wall Thickness:(mm) 2.5- 6
Material: PE&Steel Strip Minimum laminated wall thickness:(mm) 4-9
Brand name: GUORUNXINCAI Maximum Pitch of Screw:(mm) 75-230
Diameter:(mm)  300-1800 Standard: CJ/T189-2007
Minimum Mean Bore Diameter:(mm)  294-1785 connection:                            
1Hot Extrusion Weilding,
2Electrothermal Melting Belt,               3Thermal Contraction Pipe,                     4Clamp Connection,                             5Combination Connection (Two or       more two of above connection ways)  


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