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HDPE Floating Hose

HDPE Floating Hose

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HDPE Floating Hose

High-Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE Pipe) chooses high density polyethylene as the main raw material, adding a small amount of antioxidants, anti-UV absorbers and pigments.

Specification:  DN: 20-1400mm
Thickness:     2mm-82.4mm
Pressure:      0.6Mpa-1.6Mpa
Certificate:     ISO, CE & BV
Length:        5.6m or 11.8m (According to the container)
Color:         Black

Application of HDPE Pipe:
1.    City and town water supply system or project;
2.    To transport natural gas & coal gas in daily life;
3.    Transport sand, mud, slurry for dredger in dredging projects or sand suction projects;
4.    Food & chemical industry;
5.    To transport ore & tailings;
6.    To replace cement pipe, cast iron pipe & steel pipe;
7.    Landscaping pipeline. 

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