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polyethylene gas pipe

polyethylene gas pipe

Details introduced

Polyethylene pipe for water supply takes special polyethylene as the raw material and be extruded by once-shaping technology from a plastic extruder.
The pipe can be applied to urban water supply pipe networks, irrigation and water diversion projects and agricultural spray irrigation projects, especially under anti-corrosion and acid-resisting environment.
PE pipeline adopts hot-melt and electrofusion connection, which achieves integration of the pipe and joint, and can be resistant to the axial impact and hoop stress resulted from internal pressure. Additional, PE pipe doesn’t contain heavy metal salt stabilizer and pipe material is free from poison, scaling and bacteria breeding, thus secondary pollution for drinking water is avoided.
Carried standard:Our polyethylene pipe for water supply is produced and tested in strict conformity to our national standard GB/T13663-2000.

Application Fields
a.Urban water supply pipe network:  it can replace concrete pipe, cast iron pipe and steel pipe.
b.Industrial raw material transmission pipeline.
c.Landscaping water supply pipe network
d.Agricultural irrigation pipeline

Performance and Characteristics
a.Non-toxic and healthy: Pipe is a green building material, and it’s free from poison, corrosion and scaling.
b.Anti-corrosion: As a kind of inert material, polyethylene is corrosion-resistant to variety of chemical media and electrochemicals except for a few strong oxidizers, thus no anticorrosive coating needed.
c.No leakage: Polyethylene pipe mainly adopts hot-melt and electrofusion connection, which achieves integration of the piping system. It has good resistance to water hammer pressure and effective resistance to underground movement and end load, which greatly improves safety and reliability of water supply and ratio of water utilization.
d.Small flow resistance: Absolute roughness coefficient of PE water supply pipe’s inner surface is less than 0.01, which could effectively reduce the water consumption.
e.High toughness: PE pipe for gas supply is a material of high toughness and its elongation at break is generally over 500%. Also it has a remarkable capability to adapt to uneven settlement of the pipeline foundation. So, it is a kind of pipeline with excellent earthquake resistant performance.
f.Good flexibility: Because of its good flexibility, PE water supply pipe can be coiled and supplied in longer length, which saves a large number of fittings and increases the economic value of PE pipeline.
g.Long service life: PE pressure pipe can be used safely for more than 50 years.

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