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Dredging Pipe

UHMWPE pipe for Dredging Engineering

UHMWPE pipe for Dredging Engineering

Details introduced

1.Detail description of UHMWPE:
Ultra-high molecular  weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a kind of engineering thermoplastics with more than 2 million viscosity-average molecular weight, under the polymerization of ethylene, butadiene monomer in the catalyst.

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe has superior performance over conventional HDPE pipe such as:

1)  Very high wear resistance, impact resistance, 4-7 times of steel pipe, 2.3 times of HDPE pipe.
2)  Excellent resistance to internal pressure strength,
3)  Resistance to environmental stress cracking,
4)  Intrinsically self-lubricating, anti-adhesion,
5)  Low temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance.

2. Applications of UHMW PE pipe:
Engineered for maximum durability, long wear life and low energy consumption, UHMW PE pipes serve a wide range of slurry transport applications.
Typical Applications: Hot & Cold Slurries, Liquids, Hot & Cold Acids and Bases, Gas, Desalination, Dredging, Industrial Waste transportation, Hot & Cold Water transportation. 
Service Conditions (temperature range): +80 degrees, -269 degrees

3. Advantages of UHMW PE Pipe in Dredging Project:
Dredging pipeline is the key of any successful dredging project. 
Quality dredge pipes do far more than simple conveyance. 
The pipeline also helps with the dredging activity itself. 
(1) UHMWPE Pipe with highly wear resistant. The flow rate of UHMWPE Dredging Pipe is more than 4 times that of steel pipe. i.e. working life of  UHMWPE Pipe is 4 times longer than that of steel pipe, which reduce times of changing pipes during the project and reduce maintenance cost.  
(2) With high internal smoothness, UHMWPE can help reduce 20% energy consumption. 
(3) UHMWPE Dredge Pipe is light in weight (with weight 1/8 of steel) and flexible which reduce installation cost.

4. Connecting UHMWPE Dredging Pipes with Flared Ends and Flanges
The ends of UHMWPE Pipe is heated, and then flared by a proprietary process, which is carried out in producer's factory.
The final pipe end is similar to a stub end. 
The loose slip on flange is usually mounted over the pipe before flaring process.
When connecting two flared ends with flanges together, no gasket is needed. Fastening by bolts and nuts will be ok.
The flared end connection with flanges is suitable for both hot and cold area.

6. Quick and Easy Installation of UHMWPE Pipe.
1).High Efficiency of Installation
Traditional wear resistant steel pipe is easy to corrosion [kə'rəʊʒ(ə)n], heavy in weight, and difficult to unload. However, UHMWPE wear resistant pipe is light in weight, flexible, easy to load and unload, transport, install and operate which greatly save transportation and installation cost.
2). Convenient and Quick Installation
UHMWPE Pipe is connected by flanges and fastened by bolts and nuts. It has merits of quick connection, easy to dismantle, high strength, good tightness, etc.
There is no need to do corrosion proof and rare trouble spots in the pipeline.
It saves a lot of installation and maintenance cost and increases benefits.

3).Low Maintenance Cost
With extraordinary wear resistance, UHMWPE pipe has longer life than traditional steel pipe which effectively reduces times of rollover of pipelines, prolongs working life of pipeline and lowers construction cost of the project.
UHMWPE Pipe is adhesive resistant and difficult to scale which avoids acid cleaning used in steel pipe.
UHMWPE Pipe is corrosion resistant which avoids corrosion proof work during the project.

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